Information Regarding Attire for Knights and Ladies

Word Document regarding Attire Memorial Mass Attire Investiture Mass Attire
Saturday Black Tie Dinner Sunday White Tie Dinner  

Our thanks to Sir Steve and Lady Linda Pinion, Sir Michael and Lady Regina Lodes
and Msgr. Gregory Gier and the photographer Cathy Nelson.

Concerning the EOHS Insignia

Wearing your EOHS Insignia (only one item to be worn at a time)

  • With street dress/business attire
  •   the rosette (resembles a stickpin
  • With cocktail/black tie attire
  •   the miniature insignia (small pin with ribbon)
  • With evening/white tie attire
  •   the large insignia on the large ribbon

    ANY QUESTIONS? Please email or call:
    Lady Jacqueline Green, LGCHS
    Lay Mistress of Ceremony
    Cell: (713) 516-3301
    Sir Richard Daniel Folger, KC*HS
    Lay Master of Ceremonies
    Cell: (432) 553-5999